How To Naturally Remove Weeds Growing Between Patio Stones


I like gardening a lot, but I don’t like the tedious and hard work of pulling out the weeds. Just when I think I’ve picked up a weed by the root and it doesn’t come back, it reappears a few days later. Fortunately, I have found a more effective solution to get rid of the weeds, which happens to be 100% natural.

source: Inch Calculator

After surfing the Internet and reading the reviews, it seems that the most effective natural solution to combat weeds is a combination of distilled vinegar, epsom salt and liquid dish soap. Mix 14-16 cups of vinegar, two cups of Epsom salt and 1/4 cup of dishwashing liquid. If you don’t have many herbs to treat, simply divide the recipe into smaller amounts.

source: Mom Knows Best

Transfer the solution to a weed sprayer. Spray the solution directly onto the weeds you want to control. If you use the sprayer in your garden, be sure to avoid other plants as this solution will kill them as well. Be sure to spray on a hot, sunny day when no rain is expected, as rain washes the solution away and makes it less effective.