How To Open Canned Goods With Just A Spoon


Rarely do you think about preparing for a random emergency before it has already occurred. That’s why I took it upon myself to learn all kinds of “survival” tips that can be useful in various emergency situations. Although the hack I am about to share with you may simply be used during a camping trip, you never know when it may come in handy.

Source: WKTV Newspaper
YouTuber DaveHax has discovered a relatively simple way to open a can without an opener – just a spoon. Let’s say you’re camping, you have a ton of cans to eat over the weekend, and you realize you don’t have a can opener – no need to panic if you know this trick! While we don’t like to think of other emergency situations where such a tool might be useful, it certainly helps to know.

Basically, it is enough to use the edge of a spoon to create protrusions on the weakest part of the can’s surface. Go around the perimeter of the can, and you can cut through the metal to reach the contents inside. DaveHax recommends wearing some sort of protective gloves before trying this technique – we all know how sharp metal cans of this type can be! Watch the video below to see this hack in action.