How To Open Canned Goods With Just A Spoon


We rarely think to be set up for a random emergency until it’s now occurred. That is the reason I’ve willingly volunteered to become familiar with a wide range of incidental “survivalist” hacks that can be useful in various crisis circumstances. While the hack I’m going to impart to you can basically be used during a camping trip, no one can tell when else it could prove to be useful.

YouTuber DaveHax discovered a basic way to open a jar of nourishment without a can opener – only a spoon. Let’s assume you’re exploring the great outdoors, have a huge amount of canned food to eat for the end of the week, and acknowledge you’re without a can opener. No compelling reason to freeze if you know this hack! While we dislike considering the other crisis circumstances in which a hack like this could prove to be useful, it’s surely helpful to know.

Basically you should simply use the edge of a spoon to make marks in the weakest piece of the can’s surface. Advance around the can’s border, and you’ll have the option to slice through the metal to arrive at the substance inside. DaveHax prescribes wearing a type of defensive gloves before attempting this hack – we as a whole ability sharp metal jars of this sort can be!