How to properly clean your ceiling fan

Ceiling fans can be very useful especially during the summer because they cause air circulation around the house which cools down your home a bit. However, one should not forget that they also get dirty and build up dust under the blades which will cause dust to spread all over the house once you turn it on. On top of that, the ceiling fan’s performance decreases if left uncleaned, and frankly, cleaning them is very hard. But from now on, you will no longer suffer because of these 8 next tips.
1. Use the common way
Make sure to clean your ceiling fan once a weak using warm water and some soap, and use compressed air to blow off the dust that sits in the motor housing.
2. Repurpose a pillowcase
Grab a pillowcase and a stepladder, then slide the pillowcase on top of the fan’s blade and start wiping. This method allows you to wipe off dust and collect it at the same time. Once finished, get rid of the dust and throw the pillowcase in your washing machine.
3. Spritz a dusting spray
If you want a more sophisticated method, use a dusting spray to spray the blades then use a clean cloth to wipe off the dust and prevent it from building up quickly.
4. Vacuum your fan
Vacuuming your ceiling fan can be one of the best ways to clean the fans. If you are willing to spend some extra cash, buy some extensions that are made especially for the purpose of vacuuming ceiling fans for your vacuum.
5. Regain your balance
Some times you will start hearing some weird noises and some vibrations in your ceiling; Then it is most likely because of your ceiling fan (either unbalanced or loose). Take a moment and examine your fan and balance it back to get rid of the noises.
6. Make the most of your fan
Ceiling fans come with two configurations, one that pushes the air down and one that pushes the air up. Use the pushing down setting during summertime, and the pushing-up setting during the winter.
7. Makeover your ceiling fan
Sometimes even if you clean your ceiling fan, it just doesn’t seem right. Well to solve this make sure to do a ceiling fan makeover and you will definitely be surprised.
8. Replace your ceiling fan
Even if you clean your ceiling fan regularly, it will start underperforming someday, and even if you keep fixing it, it will always break down again, that is why you should buy a new one especially after too many maintenance sessions