How to protect yourself from heart disease

Almost everyone knows that smoking and other bad habits can actually lead to serious heart disease, but not everyone knows that cities with high pollution rates (especially industrial cities) also puts its residents at risk for heart disease. The American Heart Association’s medical journal “Circulation Research” conducted a study in October 2016 to discover the effect of the air pollution that comes from cars, cigarette smoke, factories and fire on the public health. The results were shocking, air pollution actually causes blood vessel damage and also inflammation in healthy youth.
Sadly, we haven’t seen attempts from governments to figure out a solution, but there are things that you can do to decrease the risk of having heart disease by reducing exposure to pollution and other things you can do.
1. Avoid pine and citrus scents.
Avoid at all costs using pine and citrus air fresheners because they can react with the ozone layer in the air which leads to the formation of polluting particles inside your house.
2. Be smart about outdoor exercise. 
Outdoor exercises are great, but you should avoid doing them near places with high-traffic like highways or main busy roads. If you have a forest or a park nearby with green spaces, then use its space to exercise, but nowadays, it is much better for you to train inside your own house.
3. Leave your shoes at the door. 
Make sure to take off your shoes right after you enter your house to reduce the number of pollutants you bring back home with you. I know, it is a hard thing to get used to, but to make life easier, place your slippers right next to the door where you take off your shoes.
4. Peace lilies. 
This is an indoor plant that purifies the air in your house. These indoor plants act as a natural air filter that purifies the air. Here are some natural air filters that you can plant:
-English ivy
-Bamboo palm,
-Gerber daisies
5. Oxygen Exercise. 
You can increase oxygen by inhaling air through your nose for 4 seconds then hold your breath and start counting to 7, then when you are still pursing your lips, start exhaling slowly for a count of 8. Do it 8 times and repeat two times a day. After two weeks, the results are going to amaze you, your body is going to produce more 2,3 Dgp that adapts your body to high altitudes by releasing more oxygen.
6. Turmeric.
Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory and blood-purifying properties that can purify the body from polluted air. Try to implement turmeric in your daily meals by either adding it as a spice to roasted vegetables and rice or simply eggs. If you want another method, make a tea by simmering turmeric in milk and honey.
7. Ginger. 
Get used to the taste of ginger tea because it provides energy to the body. Furthermore, ginger contains purifying properties because of gingerols that are also an anti-inflammatory, blood purifying and detoxifying compound.
8. Garlic. 
Garlic contains sulfur that stimulates the liver which helps the body to get rid of toxic substances like air pollutants. Furthermore, garlic contains detoxifying enzymes that can get waste materials out of the bloodstream.


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