How To Remove A Dangerous Snow Buildup From The Roof


If you live in a part of the world that sees cold and snowy winters, then you’ve likely started to prepare for this season. Although the snow can look beautiful and idyllic, it can also be a pain to remove from walkways and your roof. When it comes to the latter, we’ve discovered a hack that can assist you with roof snow removal.

source: IBHS

Now, this hack won’t work for flat roofs. But for traditional angled roofs, it will work wonders. Big World posted a YouTube video explaining that for this hack, all you need to do is attach some ropes to the high points of your roof (preferably before the first snowfall). Then, you just need to tug on the overhanging pieces of rope. This sends all of the snow barrelling off of your roof and onto the ground.

source: YouTube/Big World

You may be thinking, why does it matter if snow is on my roof or not? For starters, an accumulation of snow (especially that wet, heavy snow) can put a ton of weight and stress on your roof and the structure of your home. If the snow buildup gets heavy enough, it can even collapse your roof. Secondly, when you don’t take care of the snow buildup yourself, it’s at risk of falling at any given moment. It could fall on someone as they walk by the house, fall on your vehicle and damage it, or fall and block important exhaust and air vents on the exterior of your home.