How To Remove Grease And Cooking Odors From Kitchen Cabinets


You should always clean your kitchen counters, floors, appliances, and sinks. But cleaning the kitchen cabinets can get a little bit tricky, I’ve never found it easy. The grease from cooking forms a layer on the top of the kitchen cabinets and it can make them dull and dirty. Grease can be hard to remove from your kitchen cabinets, but there’s this simple hack I discovered lately that will make the process of cleaning your kitchen easier, faster and more effective.

They say that “oil and water don’t mix”, but think about it, Oil and oil can mix! If you have mineral oil, vegetable oil, coconut or olive oil, it can be great to clean the grime and grease from your kitchen cabinets. You only need to take a microfiber towel, add a few oil drops to it, and start wiping down the outside of your cabinets.

But be careful, always test the oil on a small, inconspicuous spot of your cabinet to make sure that the oil doesn’t have a bad reaction on your cupboards. However, this can rarely happen and this method is effective for removing the greasy surface from your cabinets.

Check out the video below for the whole method.


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