How to strengthen your WI-FI connection


Almost everyone today uses the internet on a daily basis and having bad internet service can be nervewracking especially when you are using it for something important. Some people suggest using expensive gadgets, but we are giving you 4 alternatives for that, so keep reading.

1. Placement 

source: Amplia

A lot of people give little to no care about finding the right spot for the router, they usually place them somewhere no one notices. But, you should keep in mind that router placement can play a big role when it comes to internet reception. If you put your router in a covered area, then signals are going to be blocked, so put it in a central open spot so that the signals can roam freely in the house without blockage.

2. DIY Wi-Fi booster

source: Amplia

Sometimes the router is on the first floor and your room is on the second floor or it can be the other way around, or maybe you are on the roof watching the sunset but the internet is too weak. To solve this problem, make a DIY WI-FI booster using tinfoil.

3. Watch out from WI-FI thieves 

source: Make Use Of

Some times people want free internet access on your expense, they will crack your WI-FI password and use it as much as they want causing the connection to slow down. To prevent this from happening, hide your WI-FI network’s name (aka SSID). This way the hackers should think about guessing the WI-FI’s name first, and they probably won’t bother doing that.

4. Choose the right WI-FI channel

source: How To Geek

Routers have multiple channels and some work better than others. Set your wi-fi on the right channel to prevent interferences from other WI-FI signals and other types of disruptions.

3 simple steps, yet great outcomes and results that will improve your WI-FI signal. Remember, put your router in a central and open place for a better signal.