How to get better at buying watermelons


So summer is on the doors, which means it is watermelon season. Watermelons are very delicious and refreshing and we can’t wait to buy one and eat it like it’s the last watermelon on this planet. But, not everyone knows how to choose the best watermelon because not everyone has the skill set. If you want to get better at buying watermelons, here are 3 important tips for you to keep in mind.

1- Go for shape, not the size

source: HeartBeet Farms

“The bigger the better” is a quote that we hear quite often, but when it comes to watermelons, it is not entirely true. In the watermelon world, the shape is everything because it is the factor that separates a tasty watermelon from an average or a below average watermelon. For example, if the watermelon is round in shape, it means that it is sweet, and if it is long, then it contains a lot of water.

2- Check the tail

source: 7 Themes

Every watermelon out there has a tail, but some times sellers remove it. If you come across a seller that has watermelons with tails, then pay close attention because a ripe watermelon will have a dry tail, and if it is not yet riped, then the tail is going to be green and sturdy.

3- Yellow Vs. White

source: Fab Momma

Another important factor is color. Don’t be fooled by the green looking watermelons because again in the watermelon world, white or yellow spots are a clear sign that the watermelon is riped, and unlike what people think, it does not mean that the fruit is diseased, as a matter of fact, it means that the watermelon spent a lot of time in the patch. Keep in mind that watermelons with white spots are not as ripe as watermelons with yellow spots.

With these 3 tips in mind, you won’t have to worry about picking up a bad watermelon because now you will be able to spot the perfect one from far away.