How To Use A Single Piece Of Rope To Remove Heavy Snow From A Roof


Winter is the most beautiful time of the year, but the reality is even more tragic when heavy snow falls. Fluffy snow falls from the sky and can cause roofs to cave in and windows to break.

I love hot and sunny weather, but the first snowfall at the turn of the season is fantastic. I live in an area with cold, snowy winters and we can get up to three feet of snow in a day. If you live in a similar area, you know what can go wrong when snow starts to pile up on the roof of your house.

That’s where this clever hack comes in. This man hung a rope from his roof and used it to pull the snow off the roof. This way, snow will pile up on the sides of the house, but at least you won’t have to worry about heavy snow damaging the structure of the house or causing the roof to collapse.

Once it snows, make sure the snow doesn’t cover the ventilation and exhaust pipes.

All you need for this task is a rope. Why spend the money to do it? Use the following method.

Once on the roof, throw the rope with the hammer on one end to the ground. Wrap the rest of the rope around the snow on the roof and work your way down.

Use rope to remove snow from the roof

Using a rope to remove snow is the easiest and cheapest way to do this because there are always tools around the house. Chances are you have a rope at home that can be used for this purpose.

You can remove snow from your roof by following these steps.

  • If the snow is not too wide, simply hold both ends of the rope and throw the middle part of the rope onto the snow pile on the roof.
  • If the snow on the roof is wider, tie a weight to one end of the rope, climb up to the roof with a ladder, throw the end without the weight to the ground, wrap the rope around the edge of the snow pile, and descend.
  • Hold both ends of the rope and take a step backwards to pull the snow off the roof. If the snow pile is large, you can pull it from the other side.
  • Repeat until you are sure there is no excess snow on the roof.

Depending on the length of the rope, this method will keep you out of danger of falling snow. Even better, this method doesn’t require much skill and can be done by anyone, especially if they can reach the roof from the ground.

The downside is that it cannot be used on very high roofs. It is especially dangerous if you have to climb up to the roof. It is also not suitable for flat roofs.

Please note. We recommend climbing up on the roof to properly secure the rope. Please keep in mind that this is a dangerous and time-consuming task and should not be attempted if you lack the proper experience.

How to remove snow from a roof with wire

This method involves taking a piece of wire that is essentially wrapped around the base and pulling it down. It works best if you have a sloped or pitched roof. Some people call this method a “wire snow cutter”.

Removing snow with wire is very similar to removing snow with rope. Because wire is stiffer than rope, it is easier to control the snow on your roof with wire.

The procedure is as follows.

  • Find a piece of wire that will cover most of the roof at once.
  • While holding the ends of the wire, throw the middle portion of the wire directly onto the snow on the roof.
  • Move backwards and pull on the ends of the wire to pull the snow off the roof. Repeat until you are satisfied that the snow on the roof is lighter.

For better results, the person holding the ends of the wire should pull down a larger size of snow.