Hydrogen Peroxide & Cancer: What We All Need to Know


As Health Line explain, hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound used for a long list of purposes, from whitening the teeth to cleaning minor cuts and scrapes. According to some proponents, it may be helpful in treating cancer too. This is a claim based on the theory that low levels of oxygen can help alleviate cancer. As hydrogen peroxide is an oxygenating compound, it is believed to destroy cancerous cells by filling them with oxygen.

The Connection between Oxygen & Cancer

Back in the 30s, Heinrich Warburg won a Nobel Prize for the discovery that cancerous cells produce energy through a process known as glycolysis. On the other hand, non-cancerous cells rely on an oxidative phosphorylation for the creation of energy. In some cases, the non-cancerous cells may use glycolysis in the way cancer cells do, but only when there is not sufficient oxygen.

The phenomenon of cancerous cells surviving without oxygen is known as the Warburg effect. In the following decades, research was focused on determining how cancerous cells survive without oxygen and some hypothesize that low levels of oxygen can lead to cancer.

Consequently, this created a belief that oxygenating compounds like hydrogen peroxide may destroy cancerous cells by exposing them to more oxygen than they can handle. And, there are those who claim that consuming or injecting a solution with 35 percent hydrogen peroxide can be an effective cancer cure.

According to Healthy Food House, hydrogen peroxide has numerous other health advantages to offer. Check them out in the list below…

The Best Healing Properties of Hydrogen Peroxide

  • New hair and skin in 30 days
  • New stomach lining in 5 days
  • New bladder in 49 days
  • New DNA cell material and new liver in 45 days
  • New brain tissue and cells in 60 days
  • New red blood cells in 120 days
  • New skeleton in 90 days

The Oxygen Treatment

This treatment is safe and effective. To prepare it, you need to use 35 percent hydrogen peroxide and 30 percent pharmaceutical grade hydrogen peroxide. Mix two drops of each type of hydrogen in a glass of fresh water and drink the mixture.

Another method is to pour the same amount to your warm bathwater and soak for half an hour.

Heading out? No worries! But, before you do, make sure you do not miss out the following video and learn more about the real power of hydrogen for the treatment of cancer:


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