If you have a stuffy nose, then use these 4 home remedies


Winter is one of my favorite seasons because of its poetic and charming atmosphere. Winter is the only season where you get to do indoor activities and spend quality time with your family, not to mention the satisfying feeling of drinking hot coffee on your bed wrapped in a cozy blanket. However, winter is the season where people catch colds and get flu all the time. Stuffy noses are not lethal, but they are super uncomfortable, and you can treat that problem using these following 4 home remedies.

1. Moisture.

Inhaling steam or water vapor can help you treat stuffy nose temporarily. To do that, you can either inhale the steam coming from a hot cup of tea, take a hot shower, use a humidifier, or simply soak in a steaming tub.

2. Rinse. 

Nasal rinse is a great method that can offer relief from stuffy noses. Use Neti pot in order to irrigate the nasal passages. Hopefully, the pots come with a rinse that you can easily use.

3. Eucalyptus oil. 

The pleasant scent of eucalyptus oil does not only tickle us with a beautiful smell, but it also opens the sinuses, which means it can offer relief. Use eucalyptus oil in a pot of water and let its steam go right up into the air, then start inhaling it. If you don’t have access to eucalyptus oil, then you can boil eucalyptus leaves in a pot full of hot water and inhale the generated steam.

4. Warm compress.

This method is very simple yet so effective. Soak a towel in warm water, then wring it out before placing it over sinus passageways to open up the passages and to ditch that uncomfortable feeling once and for all.

The previously mentioned methods work totally fine, but there are some hoaxes circulating around the internet making people think that they are effective, and those are eating spicy foods and drinking apple cider vinegar tea. Those 2 methods do not work and there has been 0 evidence of their effectiveness.