If you have any of these 10 signs, then you should start drinking more water

It is recommended to drink 3.7 liters of water every day. You can think that it is too much for you to drink every day, but remember that you lose fluids when you sweat when you go to the bathroom, and also when you breathe and talk. crazy right?
Because of the constant loss of water, your body needs more fluids circulating in it, not to mention that water is essential for your body functions. And if you don’t drink enough water, you will notice that your body tends to send you signs and it can even affect your health badly. If you have any of these next 10 signs, then you should start drinking more water.
1. Dry mouth
This is one of the most obvious signs, but many ignore it and act as if everything is fine. Sometimes instead of drinking water, we drink a sport or a soft drink. Notice that when your mouth feels dry, you prefer to drink water and not any other liquid because that is the thing that your body wants the most.
2. Dry skin
Some just refuse to think of their skins as parts of their bodies. If you don’t drink enough water, which means not taking good care of your body, then the whole body is affected and the skin also by getting dry.
3. Dry eyes
Lack of water in your body will start affecting many major parts of your body, and the eyes are not excluded. When you spend a whole day not hydrating yourself, you will wake up the next day very thirsty with a headache and red eyes. Dehydration affects the eyes too, keep that in mind.
4. Your urine is dark
If you drink enough water, your urine should be either clear or light yellow. If it is darker than the mentioned colors, then you are not drinking enough water and you should do something about it.
5. You’re constipated

If your stool is hard or you are constipated, then it could be a clear sign of dehydration. If you drink enough water then your releases should be soft.

6. Joint pain

Joints are 80% water, well that explains all. If you don’t drink enough water, or if you have a water-free diet, then you risk having sore joints and experiencing joint pain.

7. Hunger pain

In some cases, hunger pains are a signal generated from your body, begging you to start drinking more. In fact, your body starts getting mixed signals when dehydrated, and it makes you believe that you are hungry and in great need of food, but in reality you should drink instead of eating. Pay attention, in your next hunger pain, search for water, not food.

8. You stay sick longer

If you notice that you take more time than usual to recover from a sickness, then it is most likely dehydration. Water actually helps the body to get rid of all the toxins and bad stuff in it, that is why doctors recommend drinking a lot of water when you are sick. You should really start drinking more water.

9. Dizziness

One of the main reasons behind dizziness is dehydration. If you feel thirsty then all of a sudden feel dizzy, then it is probably because of the lack of H2O in your system. Make sure to drink water a lot, especially after training sessions under direct sunlight.

10. Fatigue
Water is like fuel to our bodies, if you feel weak and you don’t have enough strength to do physical work, then it is probably because of the lack of water in your system. Drink water to be able to carry on and not feel tired all the time.
Dehydration is a serious problem that you should not underestimate because it can also cause extreme thirst, dark urine, dizziness, and other bad effects, so make sure to keep drinking water, and remember, no water=no life.


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