If you think that your pillows are not dirty, then you should have second thoughts about it.


Beds and pillows are man-made heavens that comfort us every time we want to sleep or rest especially after a long day at work. That being said, even if bed sheets are the things that we tend to clean carefully and efficiently, it is not enough, and trust me, you don’t want dirty sheets with minuscule creatures crawling between them.

Humans leave behind a lot of dead skins and hair cells especially on their beds, and there are creatures that feed on those human remains. Creatures like dust mites are going to love your bed because it contains food. Dust mites can sometimes push people into thinking that they have dust allergy and it is absolutely not the case (sometimes it can be right) because, in reality, it is the dust mites’ dumpsters that cause allergic reactions.

source: Medium

Beside dead skin and hair cells, dust mites love humid and warm places like your bed, that is why they love hanging out and living there. If you have itchy or watery eyes, skin irritations, runny nose, and if you sneeze a lot and feel congested, then it is probably because you are allergic to dust mites (that are probably inhabitants of your bed).

A study conducted by Rober Dunn, a biologist at North Carolina University, where¬†he took swabs from the toilets, couches, and fridges of the participants’ houses, showed that toilet seats and pillowcases had almost the same amounts of bacteria and they both had fecal contamination.

source: Today

You can actually get rid of dust mites for quite some time if you follow these next tips. But first, please keep in mind that even if you throw away your current bed and get yourself a new one, dust mites will return again.

To reduce the presence of dust mites, wash your bed sheets at least once every week on a hot water cycle, and you should also start cleaning your mattress at least once every month with either baking soda or hydrogen peroxide. And when you wake up, don’t start making your bed, leave the sheets scrambled for quite some time to let your linens dry out and cool down to deter dust mites that are planning on invading your bed.