Is It Safe To Store Your Butter In The Cupboard And Not In The Fridge?


In this world, there are two types of people—the ones who keep their spread in the fridge, and people who don’t. Since butter is actually dairy, numerous people depend on keeping their spread in the fridge so it doesn’t turn sour. However, many people store their spread in a pantry with zero issues. All in all, what’s the right method to store butter?

Agreeing to Simple Most, it’s not important to keep your butter in the fridge. Why? Even though butter is a dairy product, the spread making process enables it to be pathogen-free. Usually, the way in which butter is made and handled makes it impervious to getting sour, bacteria, and different examples that cause dairy items to turn sour.

Anyway, there are a couple of things to remember to guarantee your unrefrigerated butter stays as fresh as possible. Simple Most sat down with Ben Chapman, the sanitation chef, and educator at North Carolina State University. Above all else, Chapman uncovered that salt is a key player in keeping spread new. The saline solution of salt and water encompassing the fat particles in butter is the thing that wards bacteria off.