The Right Way To Freeze Avocados And To Store Them.


Avocados are fairly dubious. It seems as though every time I get them, they’re off by a long shot to ready or turn ripe within a day. Avocados additionally will be genuinely costly, so having them turn sour on you is considered all the more frustrating! Fortunately, avocados can be effectively solidified with the goal that you have consummately ready avocados whenever you need it.

Jodi Brown uncovers that to appropriately freeze avocados, essentially cut them the long way and expel the pit. Arrange the divided avocados on a cookie sheet in a solitary layer, and spot the whole treat sheet in the cooler. Jodi suggests freezing them medium-term, albeit a couple of hours is likely fine, as well.

Next, evacuate the individual solidified avocados with a spatula and put them in a sealable sack. Freezing the avocados on the heating sheet before moving them to the pack will guarantee they don’t freeze together in one giant cluster. When you need an avocado for something, simply remove one from the sack before returning it in the cooler! You can either defrost the avocado (in case you’re making guacamole, for example), or stick the solidified avocado right in the blender for a smoothie.