Keep these 7 things in mind when making roast potatoes

When it comes to roasted potatoes, everyone thinks that it’s just chopping potatoes and putting them in the oven, but the truth is, it’s not that simple because there are many norms and things you have to do in order to make roasted potatoes. When someone ends up with hard insides and soft outsides, he or she starts asking why this and why that, but the answer is you did not follow these 7 tips.
1. Use russet potatoes
When it comes to buying potatoes, there is a wide spectrum to choose from. There are red-skinned, Yukon golds and many more. However, if you want to roast potatoes you should go for russet potatoes because they are fluffy and starchy and that makes them the perfect candidate for you if you want to roast potatoes.
2. Peel and cut the potatoes
One of the mistakes that people do when roasting potatoes is not peeling off the skin to have as much fiber intake as possible, but this completely ruins the dish. You should peel potatoes in order to make perfectly roasted potatoes. Now once you’re done peeling the potatoes, make sure to cut them in half lengthwise to have more surface area and to end up with extra crisp. Make sure not to cut them any smaller than that.
3. Parboil them
One of the necessary steps to make roasted potatoes is to boil them at first. To get perfectly roasted potatoes you have to parboil them first to guarantee a softer inside. First, grab a large saucepan and put the halved potatoes in them and pour water in the pan until they’re fully covered by at least an inch of water, then sprinkle salt and place the saucepan over high heat and boil them for approximately 15 minutes until they become fork-tender, then drain.
4. “Chuff” them
If you have never heard of this method before, let me explain. After putting potatoes in a colander, start tossing them up and down to roughen up their edges to gain more surface area. This method will make sure that you’ll get more crispy pars on the outsides, which is PERFECT.
5. Cool them slightly and add oil
A mistake that people do is roasting potatoes in butter. The best thing to do is to roast them in olive oil because potatoes will absorb the oil and they’ll become greasy and will not have any oil on the surface which means a crispy outside. Make sure to let the potatoes cool down, then put them in a bowl and add olive oil. Once done, start coating the potatoes by simply stirring them.
6. Season
Seasoning may seem pointless, but trust me it isn’t. Before putting the potatoes in the oven, make sure to season them with salt and pepper. put the other seasonings in the bowl before tossing the potatoes. Peeled and smashed garlic cloves and some sage leaves can add aroma and a very tasty taste to the dish and you are not going to like a roasted potato dish without those ingredients.
7. Roast at a high heat
Now, it’s finally time for potatoes to go into the oven to get roasted. This part is the easiest of the previous ones, but don’t let your guard down yet because you should keep in mind that roasting potatoes should be done in a hot oven and the heat should be between 400 and 425 degrees. You have completed all of the previous tasks to have a soft interior and a crispy exterior, roasting potatoes at high heat should be easy for you.


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