Keep these 8 plants in your bedroom to sleep better during the night


Sleep deprivation is a serious problem that can lead to many physical and psychological problems, but it can be fixed by following simple tips and tricks like turning off the TV, computer, and phone at least an hour before going to sleep. In fact, there are many things you can do to fall asleep, but I’m sure that this method is fairly strange and you haven’t heard of it.

The method is putting some plants in your bedroom or sleeping area to sleep better and improve the quality of the room’s air, increase humidity levels and boost your mood. As you can see this method is very beneficial, but there are specific plant types that can get this job done, so tune in for more.

1. Sansevieria

Sansevieria (aka the snake plant) is relatively tall and rigid and looks a little bit odd, but don’t be fooled by the looks because this plant is one of the best indoor plants. Sansevieria can actually help remove formaldehyde, nitrogen, and xylene from the room’s air.

Source: Public Domain

2. English Ivy

To me, this plant is one of the best-looking plants ever. On top of the good look, this plant can help clear the air from benzene, trichloroethylene, xylene, and formaldehyde that classify as toxins.

Source: Public Domain

3. Barberton Daisy

If you are a color lover, then this plant is perfect for you because of the added colors it can provide to you. On top of that, the plant can help remove allergens and that promotes good-night sleep.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

4. French Lavender

If you want a plant that generates a fresh and pleasant scent and nice colors, then this plant is for you. According to THE SLEEP FOUNDATION, 71% of people that are exposed to a fresh scent sleep better than those who don’t.

Source: Public Domain

5. Peace Lily

Just like sansevieria, the peace lily is one of the best indoor plants for air cleaning purposes. The plant can neutralize gasses and successfully remove allergens. On top of that, this plant can be a nice, pleasant, and aesthetic addition to your rood (the plant does not require a lot of water, and that’s a positive point if you ask me)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

6. Weeping Fig

If you have carpets in your room, then this plant is just for you because it can clear the air from allergens preventing them from installing on your carpets, and this makes the breathing process easier at night.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

7. Chinese Evergreen 

The Chinese Evergreen is famous for its large striped leaves, and that feature alone makes a pleasant plant to look at. On top of that, the plant can survive in low-light. However, you should keep this one thing in mind because it is important, make sure to add water to plant only when the soil is dry to avoid drowning the plant.

Source: Wikimedia Commons


8. Sage

As you may or may not know, sage is a plant that is used widely in aromatherapy because it can encourage a relaxed mental state, that is why it is considered one of the best additions to add to the bedroom. This plant come in many forms that you can choose from, but they all have the same effect, so choose the type that fits you better.

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