Life-Saving Tips That Will Help You Survive In Case Of Emergency


Without our gadgets, we are helpless and lost. Even when our phone batteries are about to die or when we have no internet connection, we feel like we’re going insane. Being in a dangerous situation or in an emergency by ourselves, a minute seems like an hour.

Today, we’re going to give you some tips and tricks that can save your life when you’re stuck in a dangerous situation or in case of an emergency.

1. How to set a bonfire correctly

When you’re stuck in the wild, the first thing you want to do is to set some up some fire. But not everyone can set the fire correctly, thus, they end up wasting their time instead of doing something useful. Anyway, to set up a bonfire, there are only 3 parts:

  • Tinder, which consists of dry and thick twigs and they can be as long as a hand. You’re going to need as many tinders as you can, so take two handfuls.
  • Kindling consists of twigs as thick as your fingers and as long as a forearm. You will need as much kindling as you can grasp with both arms.
  • Firewood is a wood that will burn in the fire for a long time. 3 branches should be as thick as your wrist or even thicker. Break them into parts as long as your arms.

Initially, put the tinder in the shape of a tent and burn it. From that point onward, place the fuel a similar way and slowly include kindling. Such a fire will consume for a long time and will give great coal for getting ready nourishment.

2. A handmade tool

If you don’t have any devices for building a shelter on hand, you can make them yourself. To make a hammer, take a middle-sized, crisp tree limb. Split it into thirds and spot a flat however solid stone into the separated. Thereafter, fix it with a rope or a twig both above and beneath the stone.

You can make one section of the stone level and use it as a hammer for introducing a tent or a hut. The other part of the stone can be sharpened and utilized for cutting branches or for resistance.

3. Programmed angling pole

Fish are the most reasonable food source in a drastic circumstance like this, yet you’ll require to catch it first. A self-made programmed angling pole bar will be of great help.

How to do it: Find a small, youthful tree close to water. Sled a trap comprising of two wooden wedges and a hook for one another into the ground beside it. Curve the wood and tie up its top to the upper wedge. Tie up a rope with a hook and a bait to the same wedge. When a fish gets the snare, the snare will work and toss fish out to the shore.

4. How to lure worms

Prior to getting fish, you should find bait and for these reasons, there is a trick that anglers have been using for a long time.

Find wet ground and turn a rotten and fallen tree over. Take 2 sticks and hammer one of them to the ground and start to make sawing developments upon it with the subsequent one. 2 or 3 minutes later, worms will begin to crawl to the surface of the soil and will be your trap for getting fish.

Nightcrawlers come outside on the grounds that they see commotion as an approach of a mole. It’s a similar motivation behind why they creep to the surface during precipitation since raindrops cause a similar kind of vibrations.

5. Make a spear.

If you don’t have a tool for getting fish, you can make a spear. Find a slightly moist, long and solid stalk. Split its end into 4 parts. Hone the spikes of the wood with a knife or a stone and fix it with the assistance of a rod or rope. Presently you can without much of a stretch catch fish in shallow water.


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