One Fire Department Is Advising People To Be Aware Of Potential Hazards Surrounding Extension Cords


Most of us own several extension cords and have them on hand for various uses. Especially during the holiday season, people tend to fill their power strips with outlets. However, you should never overload a power strip, and there is one specific item that should never be plugged into a power strip.

source: F.E. Warren Air Force Base

First of all, power strips are not designed for repeated use. They are intended for short-term solutions and therefore pose a risk of fire or electrical shock if used repeatedly or overloaded. According to Umatilla County Fire District #1, the only thing you should never plug into a power strip is a space heater.

Especially during the winter months, many people use space heaters in their homes. But power strips are not designed to handle the high-current energy flow required by a space heater. They can easily overheat or start a fire because of this high flow. The best place to plug in a space heater is in a wall outlet with no other outlets.

If you use a space heater, remember to never leave it unattended and to unplug it when you are not in the same room. You should also make sure your space heater is a safe distance from furniture, blankets, curtains and other flammable objects. Don’t forget to share this information with your friends and family to keep everyone and their homes safe this winter.