OXO’s Nonstick Pan Is the Only One I Swear By — And It’s 25% Off for Cyber Monday


Until a few months back, I harbored a strong aversion to nonstick pans. Despite the enthusiastic endorsements from my fellow editors, my trust had been eroded by numerous “nonstick” pans that swiftly lost their nonstick charm, leaving me with one too many instances of stubbornly stuck eggs. However, my culinary world took a delightful turn when I embraced OXO’s Ceramic Professional Non-Stick Frypan. It has since become one of my kitchen essentials.

What sets OXO’s Professional Non-Stick Frypan apart, you ask? Let me share my six-month journey with this pan, during which it has proven itself to be scratch-resistant, feather-light, and genuinely nonstick. From sautéing veggies to searing protein, simmering sauces, and the crucial task of preparing copious amounts of fried eggs, this pan has exceeded my expectations. It turns out my skepticism was misplaced, and I now find myself reaching for it regularly. The endorsement from my colleagues at The Kitchn for OXO’s cookware, and frankly everything from the brand, also speaks volumes.

Durability is a standout feature. While conventional wisdom dictates avoiding metal utensils with nonstick pans, my chaotic kitchen endeavors for two young kids have led me to break this rule more than once. Yet, the pan stands resilient, a testament to its diamond-reinforced ceramic coating.

Confessions continue: I’ve committed the sin of stacking another pan on top of it for storage, owing to my limited kitchen space. Remarkably, after six months, the pan still looks and performs impeccably. If space permitted, I’d secure a second pan as a backup, especially considering the Cyber Monday discount currently in play.

The OXO pan boasts a seemingly more expansive design than its nonstick counterparts. Its steep sloped sides provide ample surface area, and the generous, flat bottom ensures even cooking without oil pooling to the sides.

While OXO claims the pan is dishwasher-safe, my compact dishwasher space is too valuable. I prefer hand-washing, a task made easy by the pan’s manageable 10-inch diameter that fits seamlessly into my sink without awkward maneuvering.

In conclusion, this pan has proven to be an indispensable and reliable kitchen companion. The Cyber Monday discount of 25% on all OXO cookware, with the code CYBERMONDAY, makes it an even more enticing investment at just $44.99, down from the usual $59.99. I’m delighted with my purchase and consider it a worthy addition after all these years.

image source : the kitchn