People Are Making Campers Out Of Horse Trailers And They’re As Cool As They Sound


For decades, horse trailers have been used for only one thing: transporting horses. Until now, that is! Some creative people are turning old horse trailers into camping trailers. While this new trend in mobile living may seem a little strange, it’s actually quite cool.

Fred Cote, a resident of British Columbia and Canada, decided to buy a horse trailer from the 1970s and transform it completely into a camper. Although this was a very ambitious project, the end result is certainly worth the effort – let’s take a look at the whole process!

This is what Fred’s horse trailer looked like when he first bought it. It was rusting, the paint was fading and it was in very bad condition.

source: Facebook/Fred Cote

Frank quickly set to work to completely empty the interior of the trailer, re-frame it and insulate the walls.

source: Facebook/Fred Cote
source: Facebook/Fred Cote

After a lot of hard work, Fred transformed the old broken-down horse trailer into a canary yellow caravan.

source: Facebook/Fred Cote

The interior of the trailer is lined with birch wood and has a kitchenette, benches and even a mini bathroom hidden under one of the benches.

source: Facebook/Fred Cote

The living area also folds up to become a double bed!

source: Facebook/Fred Cote

Frank’s converted trailer is really perfect for a great camping weekend.

source: Facebook/Fred Cote

We hope you enjoy your new little slice of heaven, Frank!


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