Plant these vegetables in fall to harvest them in early spring


When it comes to planting seeds in your garden, it’s never too late, you can always do the initiative because there are always plants that can survive certain weathers and thrive despite all challenges. If you hate to wait, then you should definitely plant these vegetables in fall to harvest them in spring.

1. Leafy greens

Collard and kale greens are very special because of their incredible flavor, nutrition, and wonderful ability to survive the winter even if temperatures reach the freezing point, the leafy greens will survive. Make sure to mulch around the plant’s base to protect them from chilling frosts.

2. Onions and shallots

Onions and shallots can be planted in autumn because that allows the roots to get established carefully before the soil starts freezing up. Pay attention because they may be hiding when you try to plant some early spring crops like carrots or peas. To avoid that problem, mark the planted spots to avoid digging them up or overplanting.

3. Spring onions

Scallions can survive chilly and cold winter days easily because of the incredible features their roots have. In fact, spring onions (aka scallions) are one of the first if the first greens that emerge in the garden before the ramps.