She Brings A Used Tea Bag Into Her Filthy Car Here Is Why !


People who own cars are always trying to keep them clean and maintain nice and fresh smells in their vehicles. Personally, I have kids that go to a basketball club that takes a 20 minutes drive to reach, every Thursday and Sunday, so you can imagine the sweaty smell I have to deal with. I used air fresheners, but they couldn’t deliver, they just eliminate a small portion of the smell, and sometimes, they make things smell even worse.

source: Popsugar

But eventually, I found the ultimate method that saved my life. Tea bags can actually suck all of the moisture and smells and will release a nice refreshing smell that will air around your car leaving you with a nice smelling interior. To use the tea bags, simply take a few of them and put them all around your car especially under the seats and in your trunk, of course, hanging one of them from the rearview mirror is an option too if you want to feel like owning a special air freshener.

You can find more details about the usage of tea bags in cars in this video: