Here’s why you should put an aluminum foil in your skillet when you are cooking


If you have been cooking for a while, then you know that some foods can’t be microwaved and can’t be heated up even in an oven, and to properly handle them, you will need a steamer. But let’s face it, not everyone owns a bamboo steamer. But fear not, because this method will help you steam your food using only aluminum foils.

source: YouTube/Food & Wine

Justin Chapple discovered a DIY method that can actually steam your food using only a deep skillet and some aluminum foils. You will have to make three balls of aluminum using the foils you got, then put them in a big and deep skillet. Once done, grab the food you want to steam and put it on a heatproof plate, then put the plate on top of the aluminum balls you made.

source: Asian Inspirations

Once done, pour some water (small amount) in the bottom of your deep skillet, then put the lid on it and boil the water. Once the water starts boiling, turn down the heat a little bit and let your food steam for seven minutes, then remove the lid and your food should be perfectly steamed. You can use this method to steal dumplings, fish fillets, vegetables, and shrimp.

Here’s a video of Justin Chapple going more in-depth into this subject:


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