Surprisingly Genius Uses for WD-40 That We Wish We Knew Sooner


WD-40 is great for cleaning tools, lubricating sticky wheels and drawers, preventing rust, removing paint, and stopping squeaks and rattles. But you will be surprised at how WD-40 has the potential to make your life simpler and easier. Here are some of the best ways to use WD-40 rust inhibitor spray. So let’s take a look at some of the uses for this versatile product that will save you time and money.

Want to defrost ice cubes? No problem.

If you live in a cold climate, you know how hard it can be to get up early in the morning, warm up your car, and deal with ice cubes on your windows.

If you are facing the same problem, WD-40 can help. Simply spray it on each window and clean off the excess product. With just one simple hack, you can sleep a little longer without ice on your car windows.

Easily remove crayon marks.

Do you have small children in your home? How often do you find yourself cleaning crayon marks from floors, walls, furniture, or counters?

If you don’t want to spend your precious time scrubbing crayon marks with sponges and paper towels, now is the time to get smart. Use WD-40 and spray it on the marks. Wait a few seconds and then gently wash them with a rag to make the job easier and faster.

Remove chewing gum stuck to your shoes.

It’s frustrating when you’re walking down the street and step on something sticky. It is not right to assume that the gum will come off on its own.

You could experience a sticky sensation every time you take a step. That’s why WD-40 is the perfect solution. Simply spray it on and around the area to remove the gum.

Polishing Lures

If you are an angler, you will be amazed at how WD-40 can help you catch more fish. While you can’t use it as bait (something this product can’t do, finally), you can use it to polish your lure, making it shiny and more effective at catching fish.

It should be remembered, however, that this method is not recommended because of its negative impact on the environment. It should be noted, however, that WD-40 is toxic to marine life.

You will never be able to move your lawn again.

Even if you buy the best mower, there is always a chance that large pieces of grass could stick to the bottom and clog the entire system. This can be a major inconvenience because you have to turn off the mower and rake out the grass clumps by hand.

An easy way to solve this problem is to spray the bottom of the mower with …… to spray it. Do I have to say this? Just spray before and after use and you won’t face this problem anymore.

Protect bird feeders.

People who live near the woods often place bird feeders in their backyards to view nature from their kitchen windows or living rooms. The problem, however, is that squirrels often eat the bird food and destroy the bird feeders.

Simply spray WD-40 on the center pole to make the bird feeder squirrel-proof. The smooth surface will prevent squirrels from climbing up.

Prevent slugs and snails

Tired of watching snails and slugs ruin your plants? An easy solution to this problem is to spray WD-40 on the outside of your pots.

Snails, slugs, and insects will not like this and will stay away from your beautiful plants. Also, this material is waterproof, so rain will not stick to the surface.

Cleaning candle wax and glue from carpets

If you have ever tried to clean candle wax or glue from a carpet, you are well aware that it is not an easy task. There are many home remedies for this problem, but nothing beats using WD-40.

Simply spray an appropriate amount on the affected area and allow it to set for a while. After a few minutes, clean the carpet with a sponge.

Use to polish scissors

As those of you who use scissors for creative work know, scissors can become sticky and difficult to use due to the buildup of debris.

Instead of buying new scissors, simply apply WD-40 to the crevices of your scissors and clean them after a while. You will soon have effortless cutting and a smooth feel.

Say goodbye to drink stains

Drink stains on hardwood can look unsightly. If you have beverage stains on the wood surfaces in your home, use WD-40 to remove unsightly stains.

Simply spray the stain with the product and clean. This amazing product makes removing stains incredibly easy.

No dirt on the filter.

Whether you have a central air conditioner or a single room, dust can easily accumulate on the filter. Keeping your filters clean is an important part of your air conditioning maintenance and should not be overlooked.

Simply spray WD-40 on the filter to keep it dust-free.

Extend the life of your showerhead.

While showerheads have been working for quite some time, there will come a time when they will start to give way. Nothing lasts forever, but you can try to extend its lifespan, right?

WD-40 can be used to extend the life of your showerhead. All it takes is a light spray and miracles happen.

Use to loosen the loop

If you’ve been wearing a ring for a long time, you may have experienced difficulty loosening it. It can be difficult to remove a ring that is stuck on your finger with soap and vegetable oil.

Therefore, try using a little of this product. It loosens the ring painlessly in a few seconds.

Easy to remove mold and mildew

There is no denying that mold is disgusting and smelly, with WD-40 you can get rid of the mold hiding in your refrigerator.

Not only does this product remove mold, it also prevents it from growing in the future. Simply spray the product on the affected area and wipe it clean.

Nothing to do with tar stains

You have black streaks on the underside of your car that look very ugly. This is caused by the tar that covers the road. Tar stains can be removed by rubbing, but this takes time.

Instead of spending hours removing tar stains, use WD-40 to remove them: spray WD-40 on the affected area, leave it on for a few minutes, and then wipe it off without leaving a trace.

Waterproof outdoor chalk

If you’re not a chalk artist, this hack doesn’t apply to you. However, WD-40 can be used to make your outdoor chalk paintings waterproof.

Once you’ve created your chalk artwork, simply spray it with WD-40 and that’s enough to keep the sidewalks and walkways waterproof.

So decompress.

It can be really frustrating when the zipper on your favorite bag gets stuck. It may seem like there’s no solution to the problem, but when it comes to WD-40, there’s always a solution.

Use the nozzle to direct the spray stream toward the zipper pull and start gently moving the zipper back and forth. Allow the spray to slowly penetrate inward and the zipper will move as smoothly as if it were new.

Unbind the Lego block.

Sometimes you want your Lego pieces to last forever, and other times you want to pry the pieces apart and start over.

Instead of fretting about your Lego pieces not sticking, spray a little WD-40 on the plastic blocks.

Clean your hairbrush

Have you ever cleaned your hairbrush? If you’ve tried and haven’t thrown a tantrum, we salute you. Of course, you must be wondering if there’s an easier way to keep your hairbrush sanitary. But it’s possible.

With WD-40, all you have to do is spray WD on your hairbrush and comb through your hair – no screaming to vent your frustrations. It gets the job done.

Prevent your records from skipping.

While record collections are gaining some popularity again in this age of digital music, there is one problem that frustrates many people. Records can easily get scratched, causing them to skip while playing your favorite tunes.

There is a solution to this problem: simply lubricate the records with WD-40 and then wipe them with a soft cloth.

Cleaning piano keys

There is a home remedy for cleaning piano keys using vinegar, but there is another solution. Piano keys can gum up over time, so the best way to clean residue and debris is to use WD-40.

Spray the product between the keys to remove gummed up dirt. Be careful not to use too much spray.