The Benefits Of Burying Tea Bags In The Garden


Once you’re done brewing a cup of tea, you probably throw the tea bag away or put it in the compost bin (hopefully the latter!). However, did you know that there are many benefits to reusing tea bags? After reading this article, we can bet you won’t be throwing away your used tea bags anymore!

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First of all, brewing tea and letting the water cool is an excellent remedy for sunburn. Tea is full of antioxidants, and applying the brewed solution to a sunburn can help relieve pain and speed the healing process. Brewed green tea bags are also great for relieving puffy, tired eyes.
However, one of the best reasons to reuse tea bags is related to your garden. Tea leaves contain natural acid and a host of nutrients. If you bury a used tea bag in your garden, it can act as a natural fertilizer for the soil and plants. However, you won’t want to try this trick if you have a lot of plants that need more neutralized soil.

source: Natural Health/YouTube / The Republic of Tea/Facebook

Burying tea bags in your garden is also a great way to keep pests away. Pests don’t like the smell of tea leaves, so they are much less likely to nibble on your plants. Burying tea bags is also a great way to control fungus and prevent weeds from growing.