The Benefits Of Keeping A Jar Of Rice In The Closet


Have you ever noticed that certain rooms in your home always seem to smell bad, no matter what you do? Closets, basements, laundry rooms and entryways tend to have that damp, musty smell, and it’s certainly not pleasant! However, this extremely simple tip will eliminate this problem with virtually no effort.

source: Apartment Therapy

According to Apartment Therapy, a cup of rice can do an excellent job of absorbing foul odors. All you need to do is fill a mason jar with one to two cups of rice. Then, add in 10 to 20 drops of your favorite essential oil. They recommend using lemongrass oil if you’re dealing with an especially stinky room or closet.

Next, cover the top of the jar with a breathable fabric and secure using an elastic band or the metal rim of the mason jar lid. Give the jar a shake so that the oils get distributed evenly. And that’s it! When you notice the jar isn’t working as well anymore, just give it another shake to redistribute the oils and kick them back into high gear. Apartment Therapy reveals that one jar should work for about four to six months.

source: Apartment Therapy

Taking care of a stinky room or closet doesn’t mean you need to go out and purchase a bunch of air fresheners. Using just two ingredients, you can take care of the problem by yourself (while also saving money!).