The Benefits Of Putting Ice Cubes In Your Dryer


Numerous laundry shortcuts and tips have been circulating online, offering creative ways to tackle the chore of washing clothes. One such hack involves rejuvenating your pillows by placing them in the dryer with tennis balls. Additionally, you can maintain the cleanliness of your washing machine by using distilled vinegar. But there’s another game-changing hack you definitely need in your laundry arsenal: the ice cube trick for wrinkle-free clothes.

If you’re like me and find ironing a tiresome and time-consuming task, this innovative hack could make your dream of having perfectly smooth, wrinkle-free clothes a reality. All you need to do is toss a few ice cubes into your dryer. As the dryer heats up, the ice cubes will transform into steam, effectively smoothing out your fabrics, eliminating wrinkles, and obviating the need for ironing.

While it’s important to note that this hack may not be suitable for stiff fabrics such as denim, it can work wonders for smaller to medium-sized laundry loads containing items made of lighter materials like cotton. With nothing to lose, it’s worth giving this ingenious trick a try the next time you tackle your laundry. Say goodbye to wrinkles and hello to effortless, freshly laundered garments!

images source : The Toronto Star – Twitter – The Family Handyman