The best ways to make your house smell fresh and clean


Everyone loves to have a nice smelling house, but sometimes the harder you try to keep it clean and good smelling, the harder it backfires on you leaving you with unpleasant smells that build up very fast.

The worst thing about bad smells is that they are contagious, it can start in a single room and spread throughout the house easily, and when it reaches the closet, your clothes pick up the nasty smell.

There are many options that you can use to deodorize your home, but most of them are expensive. Instead, use one of these 18 hacks to keep a nice and fresh scent roaming around your house.

1. Put together a simmer pot

source: Hip 2 Save

2. Invest in linen spray

source: Bell Freesia available through Amazon

3. Use your slow cooker to soak up the bad smells.

source: A Year Of Slow Cooking

4. Use an essential oil diffuser to spread their refreshing scents

source: Odoga Aromatherapy via Amazon

5. Add essential oils to the air filter

source: Kids Activities Blog