10 shampoo uses you should know about


Baby shampoo is a great product that can be used to wash babies’ hair safely without worrying about it get into their eyes and causing irritation because most of them if not all of them are tear-free. The best thing about baby shampoo is the fact that it can be used for many other purposes other than washing babies’ hair (and adults’ hair as well, I personally use it and enjoy it). Without further ado here are 10 shampoo uses you should know about.

1) Treat your feet

Baby shampoo can be used to treat feet, you only have to lather some of it on your legs and feet, then wear a pair of leggings and socks before going to bed to wake up with soft skin that smells as fresh as the morning breeze.

2) Make your leather shine

You can clean leather with the use of baby shampoo. Simply dab some baby shampoo on a clean cloth, then wipe it across your leather, couch, purse, or shoes to buff them. This happens because the product is a moisturizer and a mild cleaner.

3) Clean your makeup brushes

Massage a mixture of water and baby shampoo into your brush bristles, then rinse thoroughly and clean the hygienic makeup brushes.

4) Clean your face

To clean makeup off of your face, dab water on a cotton pad and apply a couple of drops of baby shampoo on it, then use it fo wipe off the makeup. Don’t worry about using baby shampoo because it is categorized as a tear-free shampoo that is why it won’t sting your eyes.

5) Shampoo your pets

Most of the pet shampoos are expensive, but you have to keep your pets as clean as possible. To do that, bathe your pets using baby shampoo normally and don’t worry, it won’t cause any irritation for pets with sensitive skins.