The Easiest Way to Clean Your Own Pool By Grandma


If you can afford the charges of having a pool in your house, then you know how hard it is to clean it, you have to constantly scrub and apply chlorine. Such care and attention, yet you always end up with a dirty pool in just a few days, the situation seems hopeless.

Lucky for you, a woman discovered a way to efficiently clean your pool, and thank GOD she decided to share it with the world. The woman is Lisa Pack a 49 years old grandmother that lives in Ohio, discovered a prop that made her pool cleaning task much easier through her daughter Whitney.

Source: healthyfoodhouse

The girl found a post on Facebook that recommends using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for this method to work. You start by putting it in the pool skimmer bucket, then the foam square will take care of the rest.

Source: Facebook/Lisa Pack

Whenever the pool starts getting dirty, the woman uses this method and puts the eraser right into the skimmer without any second thought. This way turns out to be much cheaper and effective because you can buy a magic eraser that comes with melamine foam that does a perfect job.

Source: healthyfoodhouse

You should start by wrapping an old pantyhose around the skimmer basket for a better pool cleaning. This way you add another layer of filtering that helps to block tiny particles. But if you have a sand filter in your pool, then create a debris barrier by using diatomaceous earth, this way the sands in your filter stay together and not spread everywhere. And if you have oil problems, then a tennis ball will do the job, just throw it in the pool and it will take good care of it. When it comes to insects like wasps and bees, use citronella candles or anything with a strong citrus smell because they hated. And if you want to deal with stains, then lime juice or vinegar will help you remove them, and baking soda will maintain the cleanliness of your tiles and alkalize your pool’s water.


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