6 onion benefits I bet you never knew before

Everybody loves adding onions to their cookings because of their nice and unique flavor. But, people seem to be unaware of the health benefits that onions have to offer.
They can deal with a lot of health issues (minor and not major of course), that is why we decided to bring you 6 onion benefits I bet you never knew before.
1. Boosting the immune system. 
Onions are full of vitamin C which makes them a great tool to boost your immune system and stand up against diseases and illnesses.
2. Improve brain function.
Onions can actually improve the functions of your brain efficiently. Some people claim that it can prevent Alzheimer disease, but there is no study that backs this theory up.
3. Help with digestion.
When someone has troubles with digestion, he or she will always use Probiotics supplements to help them with that. However, onions contain natural probiotics that will definitely help you deal with your digestive problems.
4. Regrow hair. 
Hair loss in one of those unharmful tragedies that can happen to anyone, but it can be avoided if you apply onion juice to your scalp twice a day for at least two weeks to grow back your hair. To make the juice, simply cut an onion into small pieces, then put them in your blender to get the juice. Once done, apply the juice into your scalp and let it sit for 15 minutes then wash your hair normally.
5. Remove scars.
Some times scars can cause insecurities or trigger certain memories that a person wants to forget, and they can’t find a way to get rid of them. Well actually, there is a way and it is backed up by some studies. Simply start applying onion extract to your scars (if the scars are deep, then this method won’t work)
6. Prevent the flu.
Onions can actually attract flu and cold viruses. People claim that putting a cut up onion in a bowl on your nightstand can prevent you from getting the flu, but there is no scientific research or study that backs this story up. Some even replied to this claim by saying “Viruses also require direct contact with a human host to spread. Therefore, an onion would not be able to draw in a virus and absorb it.”