The easiest way to grow sage in your kitchen


Sage is a famous plant that we all love and appreciate. The way it looks is simply mesmerizing and breathtaking. As you know, plants love water and sun because that helps them thrive, but sage does not really mind shade and they don’t get thirsty that much (but they still need watering if planted in really hot areas). All of this is cool, but what if I told you you can plant sage in your kitchen. Keep reading for more details.

The first essential step is to buy sage as a one year starting from local gardens or nurseries. When you get it in nursery pots, make sure not to plant it deeply into the soil when transferring it from the nursery pot to a container or into the garden. You have to keep the plant’s crown or where the stems meet at the base of the plant sitting above soil level.

Sage loves to be watered, that is why you should plant in well-drained soil. Also, sage thrives very well in the sun, but it can survive in shady areas. Make sure to water the plant regularly especially if you are located in a very hot area. Watering sage allows it to become more established in a new environment.