The “flexible house” – for people who want a simplified life, but think that small houses are too small


Life in a small house offers many advantages. It allows you to lead a simplified and mobile life without being tied down by a mortgage or financial burdens. However, small houses are, well, tiny. And for people with families, living in a small house isn’t always a viable option.

source: Green Builder Media

And this is precisely where the Casa Flex comes in. Created by Green Builder Media and Shelter Dynamics, the Flex House is “a model of human-scale living in a small, flexible space that is connected, smart, resilient and sustainable.

source: Green Builder Media

One of the most interesting aspects of the Flex House is that it serves as a micro-network. The house produces all its energy, is water efficient and is built with non-toxic and durable materials to promote healthy indoor spaces.

source: Green Builder Media

The flexible home includes a full kitchen with full-size appliances, a dining room, a living room, a bathroom and two bedrooms. The FlexHouse essentially promotes simplified and efficient living without taking up more space and creating a larger than necessary environmental footprint.