The Most Effective Way To Clean A Beauty Blender.


I’m not a big fan of makeup, I don’t usually spend time every day to put on my makeup. And this means that I don’t use a beauty blender every single day. But I do so if I have a special event or a date night with my husband, these are the times when I spend some extra time on my makeup and hair.

So as I said, I only use my beauty blender when I’m spending more time on my makeup. They are great for blending foundation and concealer under your eyes. I always try to rinse my beauty blender after using it, but that doesn’t really clean it.

However, I try to give my beauty blender some extra deep cleaning every month. In spite of the makeup brand or the beauty blender you’re using, you have to learn how to properly clean your beauty blender so you can always have a snatched face. So if you’re dealing with a dirty beauty blender and you want to clean it, follow these tips to be able to clean your beauty blender like a pro!

How To Clean A Beauty Blender:

First, you have to start by soaking your beauty blender in warm water, let it soak for a few minutes. And while it’s soaking up, you can mix the solution to clean it.

Utilize a 50/50 blend of olive oil and first light cleanser to clean your beauty blender without harming it. I truly want to use this Dawn cleanser, I have a feeling that it works the best.  If you are simply cleaning a couple of beauty blenders then around 1 teaspoon of dawn cleanser blended in with 1 teaspoon of olive oil ought to be sufficient.

Expel the cosmetics blender from the water and tenderly press it out. Next, pour the blend of first light cleanser and olive oil over the beauty blender and delicately rub the beauty blender to enable the cleanser to blend douse into the blender.

When the cleanser has totally immersed the wipe then you can flush it.

Run the excellence blender under warm faucet water while tenderly crushing until the water runs clear. This may take a couple of moments to do, however, you need to ensure that cleanser and oil don’t get caught in the excellence blender.