The Woman Transformed Her Kitchen For Less Than $100


In my opinion, the most important room in any home is the kitchen. It is the room in the house where we spend the most time cooking and entertaining. Therefore, you want your kitchen to be a space you can be proud of. Ashley Greene was unhappy with her outdated kitchen cabinets and decided to take matters into her own hands.

There was nothing wrong with Ashley’s original kitchen cabinets, but the old-fashioned wood style made the kitchen look rather dated. She purchased a Lastream cabinet remodeling kit for less than $100, which included a wood cleaner, protective finish, adhesive, decorative glaze, paint stirrer and sponge. All of the materials in the kit come with step-by-step instructions, and a DVD tutorial is included if you need further instructions.

With this kit, Ashley can turn monotone cabinets into a beautiful, rich, dark brown color. By simply painting the cabinets, the entire space becomes something more elegant and modern. Ashley’s DIY painting project proves that there’s a lot you can do to update your kitchen without spending a fortune. Watch the video below to learn more about how Ashley completed this project.

Here’s what a $100 kitchen makeover looks like

This amazing renovation proves that impressive redesigns don’t have to be expensive.

Tenant “ElizaB” recently posted an amazing kitchen remodel on Imgur. The final cost was $100 and was the result of two weekends of labor. There are no high-end appliances or fancy materials, but it’s still a far cry from the boring vinyl-lined kitchen in her apartment.

In her pitch, she candidly explains that she didn’t ask her landlord’s permission or insist on getting her deposit back before starting the project. Her focus was on creating a clean and beautiful space for cooking.

Before painting the walls and cabinets, ElizaB polished and sanitized the kitchen. The kitchen had no extractor fan, so every surface had years of food and dust on it. She then sanded the surfaces that needed to be painted. She decorated the walls with Sherwin Williams Waterscape and the cabinets with Sherwin Williams Snowbound Pro Classic.

For the flooring, Eliza used ‘Woodland Oaks’ vinyl flooring from the Lloyd’s Style Choice collection because she didn’t want to pay more than $1 per square foot. She used inexpensive planks, cut them to the right size and installed them in a gorgeous herringbone pattern.

She admits that she skipped some steps in the renovation process. For example, she didn’t use a textured filler on the cabinets. She also used brown caulk to fill gaps in the floor, but was pleased with the final result. It wasn’t perfect, but it was better,” she writes.

Cheers to ElizaB’s lovely new kitchen!