There are 2 types of plungers and here’s why you should know the difference between them


Have you ever wondered why your plunger failed to unclog your toilet? Well, the answer is, the plunger you used is not designed to do that job. Many people face this problem and can’t get their heads around it and they start thinking that they’ve got ripped off, and they end up calling a plumber. But, as mentioned before, the plunger you used is not designed to unclog clogged toilets.

source: Water Master / Shutterstock

You should know that there are 2 types of plungers and they are both different despite the fact that they look identical. Sometimes you pick up the wrong plunger that is why you fail to unclog your toilet. As I said before, there are two types of plungers, the first type is designed to work on sinks and tubs (the one you usually buy), and the second type is made for toilets and toilets only.

Before buying a plunger, pay attention to details, if it has a flat bottom, then it is made for clogged tubs and sinks. If the plunger has an extra rubber section on the bottom, then it is designed for toilets and it’s the one that you should buy. But sometimes even plungers that are designed for clogged toilets won’t work, and that is because of poor usage. Before plunging, make sure to fill the bell with water to help the plunger do its job. Here’s a video that dives deep into this subject.