These 7 Foods From Your Kitchen Are Going To Make Your Brown Dark Spots Disappear Completely!


We all recognize what age spots look like— minor darker dull spots that can create on your hands and face. We think they originate from becoming more established, yet they are really a sign of sun damage or changes in hormones.

The medicinal medications that can adequately blur or for all time evacuate dim spots incorporate lasers, substance strips and microdermabrasion, yet you can likewise expel those spots normally with things in your kitchen.

Here are seven items that may as of now be in your kitchen or fridge that can normally and viably blur dim spots or age spots on your hands and face.

1. Lemon juice

Using lemon juice to battle age spots is extremely an easy decision. The citrus extract and vitamin C in lemon make it the ideal regular dying specialist. Test your skin first to check whether you are touchy to lemon juice at full quality. In the event that the unadulterated lemon juice is unreasonably brutal for your skin, you can weaken it with water.

Take one lemon, water, and a cotton ball. Press the lemon into a bowl and include equivalent pieces of water. Use the cotton ball to apply the mix directly to the regions with dim spots all over and hands. Leave on for around 20 minutes and afterward flush with water, yet don’t use any cleanser. Do this, at any rate, a few evenings per week to permit the lemon juice time to blur the spots and even out your skin tone.

2. Potato

The starch and sugar in potatoes can do something amazing for the skin because of their shedding capacity to expel dead skin and lift the development of new cells. The potato’s nutrients and minerals, including nutrient B6, potassium, zinc, nutrient C and phosphorus, all work to revive the collagen in your skin.

To use a potato on dim spots, simply cut the potato into dainty cuts. Take the cuts and apply a little water to soak, and afterward place it on your skin over the age spots. Leave it on for around 10 minutes. You can apply potato to your skin each day. It’s that gentle, and it’s ideal to apply around evening time to allow the nutrients and minerals to chip away at your skin tone.



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