Why Applying Vicks Vaporub On Your Feet Before Bedtime Is The Best Thing You Can Do For You Health.


Vicks Vaporub is something we’ve all used before. But I’m sure you don’t know the benefits of using it on your feet. This is a new health hack and you will absolutely love it!

You will benefit from a lot of things when applying this rub on your feet. It will do wonders for them!

This method prevents foot and nail fungus, and it can also treat existing ones. This rub also prevents bad odor and kills it. You just have to apply it, wear your soft cotton socks and let it do its work as you sleep at night.

If you use VapoRub on your scaly and cracked feel, it will do wonders and will end the issues as fast as you can imagine. Mix a tablespoon of this rub with a few drops of lemon, chamomile flowers with a little bit of warm water and enjoy the softness.


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