This father cuts up wood that costs $10 000 with his sons to give it to families in need of heat


This man came up with a great humanitarian thought to help some people near his house who might need some help seeking wood for heat that winter.

Shane McDaniel is a single father-of-six who shares the house with his sons in Lake Stevens, Washington, was well aware of what it meant first-hand to be in desperate need of a expensive material. With his large family, understandably, he has had his fair share of budget constraints. Wood is extremely high-priced in Lake Stevens. You would get a cord of wood dimensioned 4ft by 8ft by 4ft costs at least $400. This generous father and his twin sons, Henry and Harrison, spent several months chopping up and seasoning 40 cords of their own wood, and when they finished, they had enough pieces to fill up about 80 pick-up trucks.

The true communal spirit
For the first time in 10 years, Shane made this great announcement on Facebook. He uploaded some pictures of himself and his sons standing together holding saws and axes, surrounded by a huge amount of piles of wood. He wrote, “IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF FIREWOOD AND CANNOT AFFORD IT, PLEASE PM ME! No one goes cold in our hood this holiday season.”

His friends were notified that they were more than welcome to get the free wood and to be delivered to their homes. He pleaded with people who had spare wood to donate and help keep their neighborhood warm as the frigid winter temperatures approached. Desperate to keep the less-privileged warm, he wrote:

“We had our first big freeze now and that’s why this is so important. If you know someone who BURNS WOOD, and they’re looking at a cold house this holiday season; maybe someone elderly or with small children in the house…then please help us help them.”

The McDaniels had split up so much wood that they ran out of space to store them. Everything was to be given away free of charge in a selfless display of the true communal spirit. Shane McDaniel wasn’t expecting that many requests to be made through Facebook. He’d been away for over a decade, so he had no idea how influential and far reaching social media could be.



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