This how you clean the hardest spots in your home

Let’s face it, cleaning is the chore that everyone hates, and what makes things worse is the fact is that there are some nasty spots that get messier quickly despite all the efforts made to keep it clean. What if I told you that I have methods to clean those dirty spots quickly and without much effort.
After all, cleaning is something that you should not spend much time doing because you probably have other important things to do. These tips are going to provide easy and nontime consuming ways to clean hard spots without breaking a sweat.
1. Windows 
One of the hardest things to clean are the windows, they demand much time and care and in the end, the results are not satisfying. To put an end to this, blend half a gallon of warm water with a tablespoon of liquid Jet Dry and 3 tablespoons of dish soap in a bucket. grab a spray and fill it up with water, then spray on your window. After you’ve done that, wipe your windows using the blend, then spray again and enjoy nice and clean windows.
2. Microwave 
Microwaves are such a hard thing to clean, there are leftovers all over it and I don’t have to describe the weird positions you have to be in to clean some spots. But thank GOD for this method. Simply grab 2 cups of water and 2 tablespoons of vinegar and put them in a microwave-safe bowl then start microwaving for about 5 minutes, then remove the bowl and grab a sponge to wipe out the leftovers, and you are good to go.
3. Bathroom grout 
A tile floor is something that can be found in almost all bathrooms and of course for a full pack, there must be grout that forms between tiles. It is obvious that grout can be a source of germs, molds, and all the nasty stuff that are hard to clean. To get rid of this pain, mix vinegar and water and pour the blend in a spray can then start spraying the floor and let it sit for about 5 minutes, then start scrubbing using a grout brush. After you are done, make a baking soda and water paste and use the brush to get it into the grout, then respray and start scrubbing, then rinse with the help of warm water.
4. Shower doors 
Glass shower doors are a hard thing to clean because of the water stains. To fix this, simply grab a sponge and pour lemon juice on it then start scrubbing away the stains. Make a vinegar and baking soda paste then dip your sponge in it and start scrubbing again. When you are done, mix water and vinegar then pour the mix in a spray can and start spraying the door and get rid of the excess moisture, then if needed grab a soft piece of fabric and use it to dry the door.
5. Stainless steel 
Stainless steel loses all of its badass looks when it gets dirty, and they are hard to clean. To fix this, make a vinegar and baking soda paste, then use a soft fabric to rub the material and let it sit for about 10 minutes then use a wet fabric to wipe out the paste, then use a dry fabric to get rid of any remaining stains.
6. Toilets 
Toilets are that easy yet nasty thing to clean that everyone avoids. Everyone ends up tossing the responsibility of scrubbing the toilet to someone else. Well, this method is very easy and somehow strange, just take some kool-aid and pour it into the water in your toilet and let it sit and watch the magic of chemistry, the acid that exists in the powder will take care of the stains in the toilet and you won’t have to scrub that much.
7. Drip pans and stove burners 
Many people forget about drip pans and stove burners when cleaning their kitchens because they do not show much grit and grime, but when they pay attention they find out that it is not an easy task. To fix this, take a 1/4 cup of ammonia and put it in a zip bag then grab a pan or a stove burner and seal it in the zip bag for a full 24 hours. When the time is up, you will be shocked, all of the hard spots are now easy to get rid of.
8. Keyboards and similar objects 
Getting rid of the accumulated dust in a keyboard can be so hard and nerve-wracking. To fix this, grab a lid from a ketchup bottle and a vacuum. You simply have to attach the lid to the hose of the vacuum, this will give you the possibility to have access into the small places that you couldn’t reach.
9. Garbage disposal 
Usually, people have no idea of how the inside of garbage disposal looks, but they know for sure that it is nasty. To clean it easily and without problems, simply fill an ice cube with a mixture of water and vinegar in an 8 to 1 ratio, then add a piece of lemon for a more pleasant smell. Let all of this freeze into ice cubes and put them inside your garbage disposal, then turn it on and run some water too until the ice is completely melted
10. Top-loading washing machine 
Cleaning your washing machine is a must and it is also challenging. If you don’t clean your washing machine, then expect bad results after each washing cycle. To avoid any unpleasant surprise, clean it by filling it with hot water and a quart of chlorine. When the chlorine starts to manifest, fill it again with hot water and add a quart of vinegar. Grab a sponge and start wiping every area that is hard to reach, and of course the exterior of the machine. When you finish each step, run your machine through a cycle and watch it clean itself. Yes, it will clean itself like that.
11. Microfiber furniture 
Unlike what most people think, microfiber furniture is not easy to clean at all, especially light colored microfiber because it shows stains a lot. If stains are hard to get rid of, then simply use rubbing alcohol. Put it into spraying can and saturate the stained area and use a sponge to scrub the stain. When you notice that the spot is dry, use a bristle brush to brush the fabric and restore the old smooth shape.