This is my magic trick to make my baby to sleep through the night

source: Working Mother

Being a parent is a very hard task because dealing with children is not an easy thing to do especially when trying to make a sleeping schedule for your child. As a parent, I had countless sleepless nights watching and my kid and trying to make her fall asleep and that results in me not sleeping, but as long as the sleeping pattern is fixed, then I am happy. But, I came across a method that a mother uses that turned out to be effective and my child slept like if there’s no tomorrow.

source: Working Mother

This method was discovered by a new mother called Laura Gerson after noticing that her 3 months old baby wakes up and cries during the night when the soother falls out. She monitored her baby a couple of times before concluding that it was the soother all along, then she came out with this brilliant idea.

Laura surrounds her baby with 10 soothers after putting her down at night to sleep. Laura said the following statements: “99% of the time, she just wanted her dummy (soother) to soothe her back to sleep,” When she had lots in there, she was quite calm, falling asleep with them in her hands, too. She isn’t a total dummy-fiend and doesn’t even have them through the day really, but it really soothes her having them through the night, and having more in there makes it easy for her to find one and hold one (or two),

source: PopSugar

At first glance, this method seems totally unpractical and not that useful, but it worked for Laura and it did the same to me. Laura said that her baby now can sleep up to 13 hours a night after using this simple method. I totally recommend using this method especially if you are a new parent and you want to make your baby sleep a good amount of time during the night.

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