This is the Best Way to Clean Car Windows


Maintaining clear and streak-free windows is crucial for safe driving, ensuring optimal visibility during day and night. This guide provides step-by-step instructions on achieving a sparkling shine for your car windows, both inside and out. By following these simple yet effective methods, you can enhance your driving experience and enjoy a clear view of the road.

Project Overview: Work time: 30 minutes. Total time: 35 min. Skill Level: Beginner Estimated Cost: $0 to $20

Before you start: It’s essential to clean the exterior and interior of your vehicle before addressing the windows. Cleaning other surfaces first prevents new dirt from sticking to the glass during the cleaning process.

Step 1: Clearing Debris from the Window Glass Initiate the cleaning process by addressing the exterior of the windows. Remove any leaves, twigs, or debris from wipers and weather stripping using a vacuum cleaner or by hand. Afterward, use a dry rag or microfiber cloth to eliminate as much dust as possible from the window surface.

Step 2: Applying and Wiping with Window Cleaner Spray auto glass cleaner onto a section of the window and immediately wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth. Avoid over-applying to prevent dripping or premature drying, which can lead to streaks. Wipe the windows in an up-and-down motion to minimize streaking, using slightly more pressure for stubborn stains. For persistent stains like bird droppings, allow the cleaner to sit for a few minutes before wiping.

Step 3: Drying with a Microfiber Cloth Using a dry microfiber cloth, wipe each window to remove any remaining cleaning solution or dirt. This final step ensures a completely clean and polished exterior surface. While a squeegee is an alternative, using a microfiber cloth is recommended to avoid streaking.

Step 4: Interior Window Cleaning Clean the interior windows following the same procedure used for the exterior. Wipe each window with a dry microfiber cloth in an up-and-down motion to eliminate accumulated dust and debris.

Step 5: Interior Windshield Cleaning Spray windshield cleaner onto a clean microfiber cloth (not directly on the window) and clean the interior windows from top to bottom. Be cautious with ammonia-based cleaners, as they may release toxic fumes and potentially damage other car surfaces. Use a telescopic cleaning tool if needed to reach challenging areas.

Step 6: Drying the Interior Windows Dry the interior windows with a clean microfiber cloth, wiping from top to bottom to prevent streaks. If necessary, repeat the steps for optimal cleanliness.

Conclusion: With the right tools and a little effort, achieving spotless car windows is a manageable task that anyone can accomplish at home. Remember to avoid ammonia-based cleaners to protect various car surfaces. Now equipped with the best techniques for cleaning your car windows, enjoy a crystal-clear view on the road ahead.

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