This is what you need to know about your nail polish


Painting nails is an activity that most girls do to make themselves look attractive thinking that it can add more glare to the way they look and for that reason alone the manicure industry became one of the most profitable businesses, also, we witnessed famous brands releasing their signature products. However, the Pollution Prevention Branch of the California EPA released a report that indicates the toxicity and dangers of nail polishes.

“The chemicals in nail polish pose health risks that vary from reproductive problems to cancer,”

The study included 3 chemicals that are toxic and can potentially lead to dangerous health states.



This chemical compound can be found in gasoline and it is the one responsible for keeping everything together and preventing things from separating. If an individual is constantly exposed to this chemical compound, then he/she can have eye and or throat irritation, headaches, and potentially nervous and reproductive systems’ damage.


This is the agent responsible for hardening the polishes and used as manicure and pedicure tools disinfectant. If someone is constantly exposed then there is a wide spectrum of cancers that can affect them.

Dibutyl phthalate

This compound is the one that prevents the nail polish from cracking and that is why it is used widely because it is the perfect addition for a long-lasting polish. However, this ingredient is banned in several European countries, and much like Toluene, it can damage the reproductive organs.


If you are constantly exposed to nail polishes, then here are some safety tips for you:

1. Choose non-toxic polishes

There are non-toxic nail polishes, and those are the ones that you should buy and use.

2. Choose a safe salon

Before going into a salon, make sure to do your homework. Ask for the salon’s reputation, whether or not they use toxic polishes, do they have more ventilation to offer. A little bit of research can prevent you from going into a toxic rabbit hole.

3. Leave your nails polish-free at least a few days per month

You should let your nails breathe from time to time at least one week a month to reduce exposure to dangerous chemicals and to let your nails feel the freshness of the air.