This Mom Came Up With The Most Genius Hack For Getting Rid Of Earwigs

Insect invasions can prove to be quite annoying. They crawl just about everywhere and have nothing holding them back, especially earwigs. These many-legged bugs straight out of the gates of hell that invade our gardens and just act like the nuisances they are. While insecticides do work against them, they are also full of chemicals that can jeopardize your health.Luckily, there is an easy

To copy Alicia’s genius hack, pour some olive oil into the bottom of a shallow bowl or deep plate. Depending on the size of the bowl or plate, about half a cup of olive oil is likely sufficient. Leave the bowl or plate in the area where you are having earwig problems (maybe it’s your front porch, maybe your back deck, maybe somewhere else in your backyard). Let the bowl sit overnight, then check it the following day. Just look at how many earwigs Alicia captured in just 24 and 36 hours.

If you’re sick of seeing earwigs in and around your home, it’s definitely worth trying out this hack before resorting to an exterminator or using harsh chemicals. It’s obvious that earwigs are attracted to olive oil, but drown when they become submerged in it. Thanks to Alicia for sharing this hack and making our homes and yards free of these pesky insects!