This Mom’s Grocery Cart Hack Might Just Be The Most Clever Thing We’ve Ever Seen


If you have children, you don’t need me to tell you how difficult it can be to take them grocery shopping. If they’re old enough to be out of a car seat but too young to (safely) walk around on their own, you’ve likely struggled with lifting them in and out of the cart. For someone with back problems or other injuries, this is easier said than done.

source: Glutton For Life

Laura Castrillo’s mom adored spending time with her grandchildren, but a disability and resulting bad back made it very difficult for her to lift Laura’s children into a cart when she took them grocery shopping. Laura learned this awesome hack from her stepmother, and chose to share it with other parents (and grandparents) who may have experienced similar struggles. Click play on the video below to see this hack in action.

In addition to being great for people with back problems, Laura explains that this hack is also very helpful for pregnant women with small children who cannot walk on their own in the grocery store. She added that this hack might also be helpful for parents with special needs children who are heavy, but need to be seated in a cart.

For such a simple trick, this hack could make all the difference for parents who need to hit the grocery store but have a hard time lifting their child into the cart. Big thanks to Laura for sharing this incredibly helpful hack, and be sure to share it with your friends and family who are parents of young children (or grandchildren)!