This school teaches students to wash, iron and cook to become independent adults


And to think that education is only limited to the academic subjects that students take in school…It seems different at Montecastello College though. As reported by the news magazine India Today, this college has changed the game by introducing a new module in its education program related to housework!

Revolution: “Domestic chores at the heart of school activities”

This program dedicated to boys is the best way to teach them gender equality and especially to detach the image of women from the domestic chore.

“We only learn by doing”, is the essence of this decision initiated by the Spanish college, which could only inspire other schools to do the same, especially after the appreciation it has had from the students who have taken the module.

Reluctant and shy at first, the students did not know what it was all about. You go to school to learn science, literature, art, drawing and eventually participate in extracurricular activities… But what about learning to iron clothes, cook and wash dishes?

Is this a “housework” stream or are these extra courses that the school offers to its students?

The correct answer is that the management of this school has shown maturity by making a groundbreaking decision that deserves all the praise: teaching boys to do household chores like grown-ups.

On the one hand, they become aware that these tasks are not only for women, on the other hand, with this learning, they will know how to manage easily in many situations! Who says better?

For gender equality, boys learn cooking, ironing and laundry in school

The same students who used to shy away from this initiative are the same ones who now enjoy the opportunity to unwind in the workshops reserved for these courses, learn from each other, de-stress during exam periods and create a fun atmosphere outside the classroom.

In addition, this learning experience opens their eyes to hidden talents that they were previously unaware of. Don’t they say that the best chefs are men? And let’s face it, the masculinity of the big men they are about to become, combined with the household skills they are learning, will make them perfectly independent men who can get by with the means at hand in all everyday situations.

You know… School is not a machine for engineers, doctors, astronauts or anything else… Rather, school is a place where students explore and hone their talents. It is squarely a values and humanistic approach that trumps all the square sciences.

That said, Montecastello College is well aware of the importance of these activities and their impact on the future of these boys, still eager to learn. Young and carefree, they still have the intellectual and physical capacity to take on new disciplines that they seemed to dismiss entirely at first.

Perhaps these students would never have taken the plunge if this initiative had come from their moms at home. That’s where the school came in!

In conclusion, we can imagine that these boys will also be very tender, loving and helpful husbands and fathers in the future. They won’t make their wives do all the hard work because they know that it’s not always easy to have a clean house, a well-cooked meal and freshly pressed clothes.

Moreover, according to a survey conducted by the Centre de recherche pour l’étude et l’observation des conditions de vie (CREDOC), it was revealed that in 93% of couples, it is the woman who takes care of domestic tasks. Moreover, with the arrival of children, she spends 48 minutes maintaining the house, while the man spends only 12 minutes on this task. It is therefore clear that parity is unfortunately an ideal that is difficult to achieve.