This viral sunburn cure is going to surprise you.


Sunburns are something that we are all going to experience at least once and trust me on this, home remedies will not relieve the pain and the heat when you start moving your body around, but a mother from Texas discovered a home remedy able to treat sunburns and guess what, Doctors also recommend its usage

Foam shaving cream with menthol was very effective when it comes to speeding up the healing process of sunburns. Cindie Allan-Stewart, the woman that revealed this remedy, actually said that the mother of her husband was using this method on her husband when he was young, and she kept using it many years later.

The process is quite simple, start by applying the shaving cream on the sunburn and let it sit for about 30 minutes. Cindie said that during the 30 minutes, menthol contained n the shaving cream, starts absorbing heat from the burns. Once the 30 minutes have gone by, use lukewarm water to rinse off the shaving cream. You will have the urge to try this method again the next day, so just follow your senses because Cindie actually stated that the burns disappear after two sessions.

source: Facebook: Cindie Allen-Stewart
source: Facebook: Cindie Allen-Stewart

I know that this method seems strange and unusual, but doctors actually said that the use of shaving cream to treat sunburns is quite useful. The associate professor of dermatology at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Dr. William Huang said: “It’s very possible that shaving cream could help ease the pain and discomfort of sunburn. The number one ingredient in shaving cream is typically water, so it’s very hydrating. But also there are a lot of oils, usually palm or coconut oil, which are very soothing and nice to help replenish damaged skin.”

source: NPR

“As a physician, our first mandate is to do no harm,” Huang added. “So if a patient told me they’ve tried this method and it’s not hurting them and potentially giving them benefit, I’m always happy to explore that option with them.”

But, Dr. Huang warns people from having blind faith in this method because this method is not going to be effective in some cases. Even though people think that this method somehow prevents the peeling process, Dr. Huang said that peeling is related to the skin type and severity of the burn, not the treatment methods.

source: Cosmetics Design Europe
But, you have to take cautious procedures to not get a sunburn that will make your life a living hell. Make sure to put sunscreen whenever you want to leave your house, and make sure to reapply it constantly. Make sure to wear a hat to cover your head and some parts of your face as well. Don’t forget that the number of skin cancer patients is getting higher. But if it happens that you get a sunburn, try this method out.