Try these clever ways to use a binder clip


Finally, a clutter-free flipchart can be used in utility drawers. In fact, once you see these flipchart tips, you’ll probably use them throughout your home. For organising your kitchen or craft room, flipcharts are an unexpected and inexpensive solution.
With a flipchart, you can finally make sense of the messy wiring in your office or behind your TV cabinet. Flipcharts also allow you to hang your favourite photos on the wall without having to buy frames. A clutter-free freezer can also be a great place to keep frozen vegetables neatly arranged if you use clips to your advantage.

Recipe display
Prevent food stains from splattering on recipe cards. Hang the cards in the freezer for easy viewing while keeping them free from messy food. Simply attach a magnet to the back of the flip chart, clip the recipe onto the clip and then hang it on the fridge.

Cord organisers.
To prevent cords getting tangled behind your desk or TV stand, use a flipchart to keep them together. Attach small tabs to the binder so that the cords are easily identifiable. You can also shorten the cords to the required length, roll up the excess and clip it in place.

Yarn holders.
Crocheters and knitters will love this clever hack. Place the yarn to be used in the bowl and attach a clip to the end. The clips are used to hold the yarn in place as you spread the yarn balls in the bowl. No more chasing the yarn around while knitting.

Hot glue gun holder
The flipchart clip can be used to hold the hot glue gun upright and protect the table top. It also makes it easy to reach the handle, so you won’t accidentally burn yourself when reaching for it. Place the clip on a paper plate or towel to catch any liquid that drips from the glue gun, making clean-up easier.

Organising the fridge
Use flipcharts to close food bags and organise them at the same time. Roll up the bags, place them under a wire shelf and secure them to the shelf with clips. The bag you need will be immediately visible and accessible, and it will also save space on the shelf.

Razor covers.
Have you ever frantically searched for your razor in the bathroom only to find that the blade is rusted? Flipchart helps to secure your razor and prolong the life of the blade. Set the clip on the razor head and hang it on the shower curtain hook. Keep the razor within easy reach, but also keep the blades dry when not in use.

Keyboard foot
Rest your wrists and elevate the keyboard. Attach a flipchart to the back of the top corner of the keyboard to give it a quick boost of height. Best of all, these keyboard feet never break, unlike plastic feet that are attached and somehow always break.

Hanging pictures
A little washi tape turns a flipchart into a pretty photo holder. Clip it to twine and a whole wall is transformed into an inexpensive photo display space. No more searching around for a frame to hold your precious Polaroid photos.

Ribbon storage rack
Give your gift wrapping a boost with a ribbon storage rack. Place a spool of ribbon in a small metal basket and hold all loose pieces with clips. You can pull out as much ribbon as you need without messing up the spool.

Wardrobe organiser with flipchart
Scarves can turn your wardrobe from clean to messy if you’re not careful. Instead of having scarves scattered all over the place, fold them, clip two or more together and hang them on hangers. This will make it easier to see what is in your wardrobe and remind you to wear your scarf before you actually leave the house.